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09 Nights & 10 Days

(Mahabalipuram |  Pondicherry |Thanjavur | Chettinad| Madurai | Thekkady |Alleppey | Fort Kochi)


Glimpses Of South India Is 10 Days Tour That Start From Chennai And Ends In Kochi Kerala. This South India Tour Intends To Showcase Deference Cultural Beauties, Ancient Temples, Local Cultures And Life Styles, Nature History And Art.



Day 01 ► (1 hour drive) Mahabalipuram is a small village with a great history of which you will visit beautiful remains: temples, frescoes and sculptures dating from 700 to 1000 years, classified as UNESCO heritage: the Rathas (sort of small temples whose peculiarity is to be hollowed out of large blocks of monolithic stone), the Temple du Rivage, the sculpture of the descent of the Ganges (a large block of 25 meters long entirely carved). The entire rocky hill, which stretches gently behind the Ganga descent, will be the subject of a rich and pleasant walk. A few steps away are many craftsmen sculptors ofstone who create beautiful statues representing deities but also animals.

Day 02  (2h30 of road) the road crosses landscapes of salt marshes and rice fields. Former French counter, Pondicherry has preserved its perpendicular streets lined with beautiful colonial houses. The "white" neighbourhood contrasts with the lively local scene and its eclectic market where fabrics, fresh flowers and spices rub shoulders with meat and fish. Free visit of the city: everything is done on foot because the historical part is small and the Indian part is adjacent. Old houses, a small temple where an elephant "officiates", small restaurants, it is a relaxed atmosphere that awaits you.


Day 03  (3h30 drive) you will pass along sugar cane plantations. Those who want to soak up the Hindu fervour will stop at Chidambaram, Darasuram visit the beautiful temple of Gangaikondacholapuram or the temple Airavateswarin Kumbakonam .

But the one not to be missed is the temple of Thanjavur, of a superb ocher, classified in the patrimony of Unesco. It is one of our favorite temples, truly majestic with its huge ornate porticoes. You have to take the time to go around to feel the strong atmosphere that emerges. The visit in the late afternoon is preferable because you have to walk barefoot or in socks on the stone paving stones of the large inner courtyard ... Depending on the time available and your desire, you can visit a gallery of paintings installed in the old little palace of Thanjavur. Access to all these temples is free.


Day 04  (3h30 drive) We suggest a detour to Narthamalai , a small hill at the top of which is a well preserved temple, with a beautiful view of the rice fields and plains around. The Nattukotai Chettiars were a rich community of Hindu bankers and traders whose existence dates back to the 9th century.

They developed this region by building almost 100 villages and transformed it in the course of the XIX and the beginning of XX century, bringing back from their trips abroad their taste for the architecture as well Italian as Asian.

They created atypical villages with straight streets with splendid houses of Baroque architecture. Although often outdated, these villages have a special atmosphere and the few mansions maintained have an exceptional charm.

The first day you will walk around your hotel. Here, the car has not yet dethroned the oxcart and the nature that surrounds these villages offers contrasting landscapes, between rice fields and arid areas with red lands.


Day 05  (2h drive) Second city of Tamil Nadu, Madurai sounds horns, motorcycles and rickshaws in its shopping streets where the activity buzzes. You will discover the hundreds of stalls where there are jasmine flower necklaces, clothes or toys for children.

The Sri Meenakshi Temple sits in the city center with some of the highest gopurams in the south. In the evening you can attend the pooja ceremony moment of prayer), to which many Hindus attend. You will

visit the Madurai Palace : Thirumalai Nayak

Day 06 (3h30 drive) The route follows plains bordered by numerous plantations. The opportunity to taste a juice of fresh pineapple fruit by the roadside.

At 1000 meters from Altitude, at the gates of one of the largest nature reserves in South India, Periyar Wild Life, the region of Thekkady is also a large region of spice plantations: cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, cardamom ...

Once installed at your hotel, you can (according to the hotel, enjoy the environment, a pleasant presentation of dances of Kerala, attend a cooking demonstration), enjoy a Ayurvedic massage or go for a walk in the village.


Day 07 Morning visit of a spice garden and a tea plantation , as well as the production plant. Free program to complete your day.

Our suggestions: Elephant ride or even an interaction program with an elephant including a walk in the plantation, a privileged moment with him to brush and wash (shower included!), Demonstration of his ability to work,demonstration of Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art of Kerala and one of the oldest martial arts in the world, Discovery of a private plantation with a local guide, Walking in the wild with a guide from the Periyar Forest Department cooking demonstration, Your driver knows these activities, He will help you book them.


Day 08 (4h drive) The Kerala backwaters are unique in the world with no less than 1800 kilometers of canals. Halfway between lagoons and delta, the back waters are made up of fresh water brought by 5 rivers and salt water by the natural sea entrances. The English had innumerable canals dug and turned these swamps into fruitful agricultural lands including huge rice fields and various plantations.

A whole rural life has developed on the banks of the canals, colored with pastel colored houses. The experience of this cruise aboard a private houseboat is unique. Only aboard a boat with voluptuous shapes, you will enjoy all the attention of crew members, in this peaceful atmosphere. Sailing on beautiful calm canals, the boat that stops for lunch and moor for the night, dinner on the covered terrace of the boat is another pleasure to travel. Boarding at 12 am, disembarkation the next day at the same private boat jetty at 9am.

Day 09 (1h30 drive) Fort Kochiis a small town at the mouth of the bay. A quiet post-colonial atmosphere prevails, with many old English or Portuguese buildings, partly converted into hotels or guesthouses, restaurants and cafes. Free ride in the city. The fishermen with their Chinese fishing nets, the auction, the Indian families who come to walk in the evening at sunset along the bay, bring a little exoticism to this small tourist town. Nearby, the Mattanchery neighborhood offers a more Indian vision, with its old dilapidated houses where loads of spices, local antique shops and small alleys where local life is in full swing are stored. You will be able to visit this district, the synagogue and the old palace of Mattanchery turned into a museum.


Day 10  Back to home with lots of everlasting memories.

Standard Package Per Person :- Euro 693

Deluxe Package Per Person     :- Euro 907



Standard package


Deluxe package



Ideal beach resort


Chariot beach resort



Villa du ocean


Maison perumal



Sangam hotel


Lakshmi hotel



Chettinad Mansion





Astoria Hotel


Poppys hotel



Tree top


Spice grove



House boat


Premium house boat

Fort Kochi


Hotel Abode


Tea bungalow


Tour Cost- 20 Pax Group




Euro 635/ - Per Person

Euro 863/- Per Person







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